Fast & Precise dosing for investment,
gypsum, acrylic and more!

Eliminates the errors caused by graduated cylinders!

  • Extremely consistent results
  • Highly accurate, maximum error rate (< 1%)

Minimal effort with maximum accuracy.
„More accurate than the human eye.“

Precise expansion control
By measuring the liquid and powder directly in the mixing bowl, the results remain consistent every time you dose. You now know the precise contents of the powder and all liquid components. Graduated cylinders are obsolete and investment package accuracy is now revealed.

Consistent results
The current conventional methodology of graduated cylinders, pre-measured packages, inaccurate scales and scaled measuring devices produce error rates in excess of <10%. With the Vario Balance, the error rate is very minimal (<1%). The final result is the ultimate combination of consistency and control for producing higher quality, perfect fits and reduced production time.

Design concepts
The integrated user interface of shatter-resistant safety glass with touch function is not only timeless, it can also be convenient, easy to clean and maintain.

Return on investment
The enormous improvement in quality control and time-savings allow the VARIO BALANCE to pay for itself in a short amount of time!

50 customizable programs for investment and gypsum

Many materials that are processed for pressing or casting procedures require precise calculation of multiple components for consistent results. More consistent results can be achieved with an ability to retrieve saved settings and program special dilutions for later use. Whether a special material that is rarely used or a client that requires a special dilution, the VARIO BALANCE can store the detail.

Correct calculation of the required amount of water and Liquid

Objects of differing sizes and geometries must be embedded with precise concentration values to achieve the intended fit. Merely program the device with a value, the VARIO BALANCE does all the calculations and guides you step by step through the measurement of the liquids. The amount needed changes on the display as the liquid is added to ensure precise ratios. Pre-mixing and storage of different liquid concentrates is unnecessary. The VARIO BALANCE automatically calculates the required amount of special liquid based on its density setting.

Powder quantity calculation and real-time update

The amount of powder that must be added to the mixing bowl is dependent on the liquids added to the bowl in the previous steps of a program. Once you begin to add powder the display updates the remaining amount needed to attain the desired expansion in real-time. This method of measurement guarantees maximum precision and reproducibility in the preparation of casting and pressing rings. Furthermore it facilitates the use of bulk investment and gypsum materials.