Fast & precise dosing for investment, gypsum, acrylic and more!
  • Extremely consistent results

  • Highly accurate

  • Maximum error rate (< 1%)

Avoids errors caused by the use of measuring cylinders!


VARIO Balance Brochure

Precise expansion control

Filling takes place directly in the mixing bowl of your vacuum mixer. By calculating the amount of liquid, water and powder, you get precise mixing ratios. This always leads to the same results and thus to optimal expansion. The measuring cylinder is redundant.

Reproducible results

The error rate drops to a minimum (<1%) compared to imprecise conventional weighing and measuring methods (<10%). The results for the laboratory are a saving of time and 100% fitting accuracy.

Innovative design and easy cleaning

The integrated user interface of shatter-resistant safety glass with touch function is not only timeless, it can also be convenient, easy to clean and maintain.

Return on investment

The enormous saving of time and 100% fitting accuracy through the use of the VARIO BALANCE makes your success quickly measurable.

Minimal effort with maximum accuracy. "More accurate than the human eye"

Correct calculation of the required amount of water and liquid

50 customizable programs for investment and gypsum

Powder quantity calculation and real-time update

"The dosage system for the demanding dental lab!"


Surface Conditioner

  • With the surface conditioner VARIO SC a simple but efficient instrument is available for dental technicians to improve significantly the quality of the pressed lithium disilicate ceramics. Small or medium concavities on the surface, formed during the cooling phase by shrinkage of the ceramic material, often require a correction firing cycle to compensate the incurred loss of volume. At this crucial moment of solidification, the VARIO SC prevents by exerting a counter pressure on the pressed objects that they will suffer a reduction of their quality. Especially in the area of thin margins, the device supports compact quality of the ceramics after cooling and thereby prevents the comb-like frazzled margins. A fan at the base of the VARIO SC supports the cooling of the ring. The freely selectable weight adjustment for rings of 100, 200 and 300 grams favours the return of the ceramics to the solid state under optimal conditions.


VARIO SC Brochure

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