R1200 Suction Funnel

R1260 Gold filter

R1250 Suction Funnel

SH1 Suction Funnel

R1251 Suction Funnel

R1000 Rectangular pipe


Suction Accessories Brochure

R1300 Extendable rectangular pipe

R1500 Exhaust Hood

Rectangular Tubes in special lengths

R1700 Spray box

R1100 Rectangular silencer

R1600 Stationary Monomer Bath

R1101 Round silencer

R1601 Mobile Monomer Bath

AV1000 Preparation Box

Both, quality and quantity are a prerequisite for an economically working laboratory. It starts usually in production scheduling. Here the foundation is laid for high-quality work. Therefore, special emphasis was placed on ergonomics, cleanliness and efficiency in developing the preparation box by Zubler. Through an integrated blow-off nozzle which is actuated by a foot switch, plaster models can be air-blown in the box. The protective glass and work block can be swung upwards. By removing the funnel, the drip pan can be removed and washed easily.
AV1000 – Item no.: 825/310
FG1000 (Pedestal) – Item no.: 825/324
Mounting plate for pedestal –Item no.: 825/323

Technical data

(Width x height x depth):
Required compressed air connection:


630 x 430x 580 mm
min.3 bar
Storage for Workpieces and Rotary
Air Nozzle
Suction Funnel

MB1000 Monomer box

In the same design as the work preparation box AV 1000, Zubler offers a monomer box that is suitable for exhausting toxic fumes that arise while mixing plastic monomer. The vapors in the box are pulled downward, and will be suctioned through the grid-like pad directly into the suction system. Please note that an suction system with activated carbon filter or a central suction system should be used to exhaust air outside of the building or facility.
MB1000 –Item no.: 825/315
FG1000 (pedestal) –Item no.: 825/324

Technical data

(Width x height x depth):


630 x 460x 420 mm
18 kg

Filter bag V4010/V4011

suitable for:
Suction System V4010/V4011

Filter bag wide/white

suitable for: Suction System V4050/V4051/V4250/V4251

Filter bag wide/white

suitable for:
Suction System 6000/V7000

Fine Filter Cartridge

suitable for:
FZ2 VARIOmatic

Fine Filter Cartridge

suitable for:

Safety Filter

suitable for:
FZ2 VARIOmatic

Activated Carbon Filter

suitable for:
V4010/V4011/V4050/V4051 V4250/V4251/V5000/Z1-Mobile

Fine Filter Cartridge

suitable for:
FZ1 VARIOmaster

Activated Carbon Filter

suitable for:
V6000 und V7000

Fine Filter Cartridge

suitable for:
FZ1 VARIOmaster

Activated Carbon Refill Pack

ST02 Suction Socket-Outlet

S1 Pre-Separator

ST03 Suction Socket-Outlet

Pre-Separator (small)

RS-1Cleaning set

RS-2 Cleaning set

AP500/AP501 Suction Port Opener

FP1000 Suction Port Opener

F520/F540 Bench Insertion

FR-D Suction Port Opener for Devices

K500/K3001 Bench Insertion

AP-R Suction Port Openers for Milling Machines

K510/K520 Bench Insertion

Suction Hose 36 mm

Compressed Air Hose 6 mm

Suction Hose 40 mm

Compressed Air Hose 8 mm

Suction Hose 50 mm


External Exhaust Fitting

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