• TTC-Mode
  • Uniform Ring Heating
  • Z-Dry Mode
    effective and time-saving
  • Safety through PFC
  • Touch screen made of safety glass
  • EASY Light Display
  • USB connection


VARIO PRESS 300.e/300.e ZR Brochure

Features and their Properties

The innovative ADVANCED PRESS™ process ensures a uniform temperature distribution from the temperature sensor of the press furnace to the inside of the press ring. Pressing always takes place within the ideal temperature range for pressing lithium disilicate. Thus hardly any reaction layer is created on the surface. This is enhanced by an extremely short press time. The result is a smooth surface and an enormous time savings!
* available only in the VARIO PRESS 300.e version
TTC-mode enables linear cooling*

The ingenious software and the firing chamber design enable a linear cooling process when in TTC mode. This prevents chipping, micro-fractures and cracks in zirconia ceramics.
* available only in the VARIO 200ZR version.

Uniform Ring Heating
This simple insert helps counteract the heat loss experience by conventional press ovens by raising the ring up to evenly expose the entire ring to the heating elements. The ring sits on the tripod inside the firing chamber throughout the entire process.
Z-Dry Mode
Effective and time-saving. A virtual sensor adjusts the lift position based on the temperature in the firing chamber and automatically ensures an ideal and constant pre-drying temperature. This feature saves time from the traditional methodology and is much more accurate.
Safety through PFC (Power-Fail-Control)
If the power goes out, PFC is activated! Once power is restored the oven operation is returned to the point of interruption.
USB connection
Simple data transfer and program backup by USB flash drive.
EASY Light Display
Optimum visibility from all viewing angles – even at greater distances and under difficult lighting conditions such as bright sunshine.
Touch screen made of safety glass
The innovative and modern touch display is made of impact and heat-resistant safety glass. This has proven to be a clean, comfortable and virtually indestructible solution when compared with a membrane keyboard. We now offer a lifetime warranty on the glass!

With special technology for processing lithium disilicate ceramics!

  • ADVANCED PRESS™ process*
Lithium disilicate ceramics are increasingly used in the dental laboratory for the manufacture of dental prosthesis. This material is characterized by its high strength. While CAD/CAM processing is an option, pressing technology is more efficient and accessible.

Unfortunately, the pressing process has been hindered by the sensitive nature of lithium disilicate and the formation of reactive layers caused by the material’s exposure to phosphate bonded investment during the traditional heating and pressing process. This reaction layer adds complexity and increases processing time.

ADVANCED PRESS™ includes an entirely new pressing process. By calculating the thermal behaviour between the materials involved in the pressing cycle, a heating curve was developed that vastly improves the result and decreases the process time. The principle is simple and easy to understand.

Standard Pressing Process:

The graph depicts the standard temperature difference between the interior of the ring and the chamber during a traditional press cycle, approximately 40°C. The vast temperature difference between the ideal pressing temperature for lithium disilicate in the ring core and the high temperature in outer regions of the ring, where the pressing objects are usually located, leads to a very distinct reaction layer. This effect is exacerbated by a lengthy hold time and a long press time. The result is a rough surface sometimes accompanied by an “orange peel” texture and laborious finishing work.


The graph shows the homogeneous temperature distribution from the temperature sensor of the press furnace to the interior of the ring. The maximum temperature difference is 4°C. This ensures that all objects, irrespective of their position in the ring, are pressed at the ideal pressing temperature. The formation of a reaction layer is reduced to a minimum and the extremely short pressing time further enhances this effect. The results of the ADVANCED PRESS™ are smooth and homogeneous surfaces along with an enormous time savings.

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