with TTC-mode


  • TTC mode
  • Z-120 Technology
  • Z-Dry Mode
    Accurate and time-saving
  • Safety through PFC
  • Touch Display made of safety glass
  • EASY Light Display
  • USB connection


VARIO 200/200ZR Brochure

Features and their properties

TTC-mode enables linear cooling*
The ingenious software and the firing chamber design enable a linear cooling process when in TTC mode: This prevents chipping, micro-fractures and cracks in zirconia ceramics. * available only in the VARIO 200ZR version.
Z-120 Technology
The Vario 200 series ceramic ovens feature a firing chamber with an inner diameter of 120mm and heating coil height of approx. 60mm. This unique size configuration allows for temperature homogeneity across the entire firing tray unattained until now. This new configuration in conjunction with Zubler’s legendary temperature control systems, guarantee the utmost precision and highest quality firings no matter where on the tray you put your work!
Z-Dry Mode
Effective and time-saving.

A virtual sensor adjusts the lift position based on the temperature in the firing chamber and automatically ensures an ideal and constant pre-drying temperature. This feature saves time from the traditional methodology and is much more accurate

Safety through PFC (Power-Fail-Control)
If the power goes out, PFC is activated! Once power is restored the oven operation is returned to the point of interruption.
USB connection
Simple data transfer and program backup by USB flash drive.
EASY Light Display
Optimum visibility from all viewing angles – even at greater distances and under difficult lighting conditions such as bright sunshine.
Touch display made of safety glass
The innovative and modern touch glass display is made of impact and heat-resistant safety glass. This has proven to be a clean, comfortable and virtually indestructible solution when compared with a membrane keyboard. We now offer a lifetime warranty on the glass!

The only firing chamber in the world with an inside diameter of 120 mm!

  • Z-120 Technology

Ø 90 mm

Ø 120 mm
There is a considerable difference between the available and usable space inside a ceramic oven. The available space is generally considered to be the diameter of the firing tray plus the working height. The usable space, conversely, includes the thermal conditions of a firing chamber.

The heating coils used in ceramic ovens radiate at temperatures far above 1000°C during the sintering phase. Consequently, temperatures in direct proximity to the heating coil are ‘useless’ for consistent results when processing dental ceramics.

Zubler is the only ceramic oven manufacturer in the world to address this problem and develop a firing chamber with a larger inner diameter.

The VARIO 200 series ceramic oven’s 120mm inside diameter ensures temperature homogeneity across the entire 80mm-diameter firing tray, irrespective of the position or number of objects.

Even when firing a full tray of objects at the same time, you will be amazed at the identical firing results, even without increasing the final temperature or extending the holding time of the program.
In the outer region of the firing tray the dental ceramic is positioned too close to the heating coil.

Temperature at the object is too high "Over-fired"
"Unusable result"
Temperature at the object is too high "Over-fired"

Optimum temperature at the object “Perfect firing result”
Perfect result

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